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The completion of Corazon del Valle is important to our community.
I am signing up in support of Corazon del Valle and new homes
in Panorama City.​
La finalización de Corazón del Valle es importante para nuestra comunidad. Me inscribo en apoyo de Corazon del Valle y nuevos hogares
en Panorama City.

Thanks for supporting! Gracias por apoyar!



  1. A More Balanced World, Non-Profit Organization

  2. Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health:                  Service Planning Area 2 Administration

  3. San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys Homelessness Coalition

  4. Ascencia, SPA 2 Northeast Access Center

  5. San Fernando Valley Faith Based Coalition on Homelessness

  6. Daznfx Project - James Daza, Director

  7. El Nido Family Centers

  8. Goodwill Southern California

  9. Southern California Association of Governments


  1. T. Melendez, Neighborhood Resident

  2. H. Ajungo, Neighborhood Resident

  3. S. Guerrero, Neighborhood Resident

  4. J. Gonzalez, Neighborhood Resident

  5. J. Alonzo, Neighborhood Resident

  6. M. Garay, Neighborhood Resident

  7. V. Rodriguez, Neighborhood Resident

  8. M. Rodriguez, Neighborhood Resident

  9. M. Cortez, Neighborhood Resident

  10. P. Koch, Neighborhood Resident

  11. M. Fazeli, Neighborhood Resident

  12. K. Kagy, Neighborhood Resident

  13. R. Casupang, Neighborhood Resident

  14. W. Wright, LoS Angeles City Resident

  15. R. Santiesteban, Neighborhood Resident

  16. T. Aro, Neighborhood Resident

  17. R. Aro, Neighborhood Resident

  18. R. Perrez, Neighborhood Resident

  19. B. Chavez, Neighborhood Resident

  20. O. Diaz, Neighborhood Resident

  21. J. Nunez, Neighborhood Resident

  22. T. Nunez, Neighborhood Resident

  23. A. Mutia, Neighborhood Resident

  24. A. Cruz, Neighborhood Resident

  25. H. Kelley, Community Member

  26. H. Sherman, Neighborhood Resident

  27. S. Iraheta, Neighborhood Resident

  28. M Hernandez, Neighborhood Resident

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